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YIMS is an NPO founded in 2014 focusing on Industry Specific ICT, Enterprise Development, Women Empowerment Programs and Rural Development programs. An organisation with a PBO SARS Section 18A – Approval for tax deductible donations​. A global aspirant NPO with an aim to become a leader in Africa. We are running in nine (9) provinces in South Africa.


Train ICT/Tech rural development programs and Soft Skills Development then place 50% while the rest of the beneficiaries start their businesses.

• Soft Skills Development
• Running ICT programmes mostly in the rural
• Partner with specific foundations and CSI (Corporate Social Investment) units to complement their current education programs in order to create meaningful job opportunities and entrepreneurs



Work strategies & Patners

Key focus arears: Computer training (Microsoft Office: Typing, data capturing, technical support (CISCO) and Coding), Enterprise Development, ICT Entrepreneurship, NPO capacity training and Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills (Job readiness). Rural Development programs: Phone Repair, DSTV Installation, shoe Makertraining, photography training and Corporate Printing program. 

Key differentiator: YIMS trains for specific job opportunities, enterprise development (entrepreneurship)

Key values add: Global competitive Industry driven curriculums, technologies delivered to ordinary African youth in townships and rural South Africa and a 75% employment /entrepreneurship creation model. 

Key innovations: YIMS Seminar, YIMS Entrepreneurs Academy and YIMS Innovation hub.

Key Sponsors: Vodacom Foundation, CISCO Academy, BJK and T-Zone Enterprises

Training Centre Sponsor: Dipaliseng municipality, Vodacom foundation and City of Ekurhuleni

Key strategic partners: Department of Education, Dipaliseng Municipality, Accenture, NYDA, Department of Labour, Department of Social Development.


Previous & Current Projects

Mpumalanga Smartphone repair workshop


Mpumalanga Women Empowerment workshop


Mpumalanga & Gauteng high school project


Gauteng Cisco IT Technical Support & Cyber Security & Be your own Boss project.


Mpumalanga, Gauteng & Northern Cape Enterprise Development project

2016 – 2019

Mpumalanga, Gauteng & Northern Cape Cisco IoT & Get-on-line school project

2016 – 2019


Community Projects


Candidates Trained


Business Registered


Placement / 2018-2020

Success Stories

Born in Northern Cape back in 1980, after I completed Grade 12 I did not have a plan as to what I am going to do this year as my parents were struggling financially, my friend then introduced me to the YIMS Foundation project, I didn’t waste time to go and register for the programmes that were available. Luckily there was space for me. On the YIMS Project I attended Soft Skills and Technical Support, also attended (The Skills to Succeed tool which opened my eyes in terms of the work ethics, knowing what to do and not what to do in a work place, also helped me with the latest CV structure, the dos and don’ts of an interview). I am currently volunteering at the centre, helping with printing and fixing computers. Thanks to YIMS Foundation for the wonderful work they are doing in our community.

Victor Stshepana, 2016

After a couple of years applying for Jobs, I was not successful and also didn’t know why, I then was introduced to the YIMS Foundation project as a Cisco student. After the course, I was then assigned to deliverables that will prepare me for future. Through YIMS Foundation I have gained experience through assisting in class, also got an opportunity to continue with the class when the facilitator was not around. Now I am facilitator and I assist the candidates whenever they require assistance, although it was not easy to facilitate but I have learned from the best facilitators and I’m finding it easy to introduce modules to the candidates. I would like to thank YIMS Foundation and its sponsors for giving us the youth of an opportunity to gain experience and mentoring us.

Sibusiso Mphuthi, 2018

I am Thulani from Groutville and was born in 1993, I completed my matric last year (2015), and this year (2017) I wanted to get a job so that I can raise money to study further, unfortunately the plan didn’t go accordingly. Heard of the YIMS Foundation project on the community meeting, I then went to register for Entrepreneurship programme and was accepted. I couldn’t believe that at some point I will be able to build my own business. After the course, we were then given the opportunity to start a cooperative and have started registering our company. Our new project now is to do technical support for the schools that have started their businesses. I am honored to be part of this initiative.

Thulani Lwazi Hlambeza, 2017